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Services provided by Allegiant Christian School

Cum Files

Each student in the state of California is to have a permanent record of his/her schooling years. At Allegiant, we maintain your student’s permanent record (cum file) until graduation or transfer to another school. The cum file contains course of studies, report cards and health cards. These files are updated each semester. Upon graduation from Allegiant Christian School and after all records are complete each student’s cum file will be given to the parent.

Elementary Promotion

The special ceremony is held for our K, 6th, and 8th grade students on the Thursday prior to our High School Graduation and also a formal occasion. Promoting students are represented in a video montage and wear a cap and tassel as parents present them with their certificate of promotion. The event opens with prayer and worship, a guest speaker brings a message to the students and our fellow students from our high school Mission Possible is there to formally invite promoting 8th graders to apply for membership in this special group.

Highschool Graduation

Our High School Graduates receive their diploma, while dressed in a full cap and gown, in a formal setting held at Harvest Christian Fellowship. The seniors comprise the worship team, choose the theme and verse and apply to be the class spokesperson. A guest speaker encourages our graduates with a message written specifically for them. The ceremony is also quite personal as each student is represented through multiple photos in a video montage and the parents speak to each graduate before presenting the student with their diploma. A professional photographer and videographer provide photos and a DVD to each graduate as momentos of this important life achievement.

Helping Hands

Many times our families are struck with unexpected interruptions to family life (a life-threatening illness or death) and sometimes there are joyous occasions such as the addition of a new baby to the family that find families needing help with meals. Helping Hands is here to provide a warm meal for your family so you can concentrate on your new baby or other needs. We are always happy to add cooks to our list of meal providers.

Home School Legal Defense Association

Home School Legal Defense Association or HSLDA is the homeschoolers advocate in Washington, DC and each of the fifty states. HSLDA keeps us informed on issues that affect our freedom to homeschool as the Lord directs. Membership in HSLDA is required to enroll in Allegiant Christian School and we are pleased to offer a discount on membership.

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Legislative Information

There are many issues affecting homeschooling and families around the country, fortunately we have groups such as HSLDA and Family Protection Ministries interceding on our behalf. At Allegiant Christian School, we will pass on information that affects your family as it becomes available.

Lending Library

Homeschooling can be a costly endeavor. We are pleased to offer a lending library to help with your curriculum needs. Please feel free to come by and check out our assortment of books. If you have curriculum that you would like to bless other with, we happily accept donations to our library as well.


Allegiant Christian School publishes a monthly newsletter to our families. The newsletter is the main source for information on all things Allegiant, such as field trips, sports, family and youth social events and community information. These newsletters are for Allegiant Christian School families and are not to be shared with the public.

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School Pictures

It’s a joy to watch our children grow and change year after year. Traditional school pictures are taken in the fall and basketball pictures are available in January. School pictures are also used in our yearbook to show each class. Senior portraits are scheduled individually. At Allegiant Christian School, we offer both student and faculty (for moms and dads) id cards that can bring discounts throughout the community.

Work Permits

Work Permits have traditionally been difficult for homeschoolers to obtain and yet they are required by law for any minor to be employed. Fortunately, at Allegiant Christian School, we are able to issue work permits. Students must have a good faith offer of employment before starting the process.


What’s more fun than looking back through old school yearbooks? At Allegiant Christian School, we are pleased to offer a beautiful full-color yearbook with senior pages, pictures of classes, field trips and outings. Families are encouraged to submit individual family pages, too!

Requesting Information

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