ACS classes offer a fun, in-person learning environment for all grade levels preK – 12th. Our classical model provides not only lesson plans, discussions, assemblies and science experiments, we also include lively, quarterly unit celebrations! Our classical program provides students with an in-depth look at History, Geography, Fine Arts, Science, Government, Bible/Worldview, Literature, Writing, and Foreign Language as students in grades 1st – 12th study the same historical era, geography and science subjects at the same time. To learn more, please watch this video.

Classes meet on Mondays, starting September 9th and Fridays, starting September 12th in Corona. The 2022-23 year schedule is September 9th – May 26th, with breaks for Christmas and Easter.

Families are welcome to visit our classes anytime. We currently meet on Fridays through May 19th.

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