Frequently asked questions and other common myths

My student won’t receive a diploma.

Our students receive a high school diploma from our school, which is listed on the private school directory of the California Department of Education website.

My student won’t be able to attend a good college.

This a common misconception. Many students have graduated from a homeschool psp and been accepted at both
and junior community colleges. All top ten universities (Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT, Cal Tech, Columbia,
University of Chicago, Yale and Cornell) accept homeschool students and do not require a student to have attended an
school. Cal Tech does not even require a diploma or GED.

Why not join a charter school and receive help with the financial aspects of homeschooling? I can still teach bible and use Christian curriculum anyway?

California Department of Education Code states: Charter schools and non-charter schools may teach about religion, but
teach a sectarian curriculum.
EC Section 47605(d) (Outside source) requires that a charter school be nonsectarian in
programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations. Compliance with the prohibition on
operations is a condition of apportionment, and the charter would be subject to revocation by its charter authorizing entity
accordance with EC Section 47607(c)(4) (Outside source).

Why can’t charter students take Allegiant classes or play sports with ACS Mustangs?
Isn’t that being snooty and intolerable?

As a private Christian School, Allegiant Christian School is not required to comply with the non-discrimination clause issued by the CDE. Any private school, including a Christian school such as Allegiant, that allows a public school student (including a charter student) to participate in their classes or sports program EVEN IF THE SCHOOL DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY MONEY FROM THE CHARTER OR PUBLIC SCHOOL, that school is now bound to follow the non-discrimination clause and MUST accept all students including LGBT. Therefore, to protect our school and our families, we cannot allow public school student of any sort to participate in our activities. Also, as state and federal governments continue their assault on parental rights, we feel it is vitally important not to give them a foothold on our children while using education as a weapon.

I don’t need to be in a group, I can file my own affidavit.

True. Although, joining a psp brings opportunities for fellowship and social activities which allow students to become
other Christian homeschoolers in their community. Many families file their own affidavit with great success, however, if your
desires to attend college, join the military, or gain employment in an established field, a diploma from a school listed on the
website, can be very helpful, if not required.

Requesting Information

To request information on any of our services or for further detail contact the school office at admin@allegiantcs.org