Enrollment in Allegiant Christian School requires a non-refundable registration fee and each of the forms to the right be completed and signed. Most forms only require parent signatures, however, the Code of Conduct must be reviewed and signed by each family member. All families are required to hold and maintain membership in HSLDA. Once enrolled, tuition is $50 per month, per family September through June.

Due to recent enactment of SB277, our students are not required to be vaccinated, however HSLDA recommends that all students have a “blue card” on file and parents simply write “Exempt per SB277” across the immunization section.

Enrollment is required to receive our monthly newsletter, “Family Connection”, or to participate in our field trips, park days, Teen Connection or Special Needs Support Group. If you have any questions regarding enrollment or immunizations, please call the school office at 951-790-3941.

Enrollment Forms

The following forms are used for new registrations to Allegiant Christian School.

Auth to Transfer Records

Authorization to Transfer School Records
Code of Conduct Agreement
Membership Responsibilities
New Registration Form
ACS Registration Renewal Form 2022-23
School Liability Form
Statement of Faith
Parent Educational Qualifications
Publicity Release Form

School Forms

The following forms are used for school year reporting.

Course Description K-8
Course of Study K-8
Report Card K-8
Attendance Calendar 2021-22

High School Forms

Course Description HS
Course of Study HS
HS Course of Study Checklist
Report Card HS
Course of Study Worksheet HS

Allegiant Classical Classes

ACC Classical Schedule
Class Add-Drop

Scope and Sequence

For information regarding our ACS Classes, click Classes tab above or click here